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if u follow me and u wish I would CW something I don't, DM me :)

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I think I'm the golang onee-san of our team despite only having the credibility of, like, having done more reading, but I'm loving it

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'New: leaked documents, data, contracts show how hugely popular antivirus Avast now harvests internet browsing data and sells it for millions of dollars. Clients included Home Depot, Google, Microsoft. Documents show a product called "All Clicks Feed"'


capitalizing on confucianism by adding two new filial relationships: employee-employer and customer-brand

which...... i'm wearing leggings.....they're equivalent to the jeans i'd be wearing..... what

i have the unsettling feeling that while people should be able to handle a reasonable v-neck on me at work, if i wear a skirt shorter than my knees i invite whatever problems i get from it

good news history fans

Emiliano Zapata was a total smokeshow

scott adams. i mean scott adams. I am talking about the garfield man

i get a physical newspaper on sundays and wow did you know that butthurt subtooting is a thing you can do in a nationally syndicated comic

looking at Certain Internet Placed and feeling like blockchain has managed to poison the word "decentralized" for years :blobgrimace:

listening to my loved one dismantle a plastic commodity router for no apparent reason

Hardware hacking is black magic and people who do it should be burned as witches

"Um it's like how being able to stand up from the ground is a really good thing for elderly people's health," I justify wildly as I lure my tiny dog to dance on her hind legs for treats, "so it's actually sensible and not to do with the horrible cooing chuckling noise I am making"

ikea has salmon balls now which taste like old bay seasoning and bread and deserve every puerile testicle joke that you can think of
I felt vaguely righteously healthy about them until polishing off the shared piece of chocolate cake

champagne for my real plants
real pain for my fake---wait oh my god my succulents

you know, some people just are exactly the people they mean to be, and they're aware of it, and I'd like you to just keep that in mind as I continue to refer to 70 different ikea product lines with their respective dopey Swedish names

tomorrow two half width hemnes bookcases for me, he builds two malm cabinets, we rendezvous at the bathroom shelf

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