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as a taxpaying adult 

I don't have dni categories

it is my job to block/mute you if you're annoying me (or to request moderation if appropriate) and Trust That I Do

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if you read stuff on my website and it's more convenient to refer to me as your friend than as a person on the internet with a website you keep up with, I hereby befriend you

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as the instance admin, to other instances 

if you see undesirable content being federated through to your instance please let me know and I will implement the necessary blocks. this is a 1.5 user instance so I don't typically bother blocking instances proactively but that is only because of laziness/perceived lack of impact, and I don't want it to actually impact anyone

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if u follow me and u wish I would CW something I don't, DM me :)

@maya this sounds really neat! you might enjoy checking out Shing Yin Khor's work, if you're not familiar with them alreadyβ€” they've made some rpgs that similarly involve physical artifacts, incl. a postal rpg where you write letters to a time traveling friend, a journalling rpg where you create a field journal while investigating a cryptid scientist's disappearance, and an embroidery rpg where you embroider a map to tell the story of your character's journey

i don't have enough of a thing for dante to merit getting this but what a vibe

Captured this very sharp shadow of a fern yesterday while walking in the woods, still not sure how that happens.

Why, yes, this is another brand new water shader, thanks for asking 🌊

Got tired of tweaking a handful of Gerstner waves by hand, so I took a page out of's book and threw a bunch of them in and procedurally adjusted their settings

#gamedev #unity3d #madewithunity

our dog has started lying on the couch cushion right behind my shoulders and she is the best headrest ever

like genuinely even if you thought it were a stretch to project a modern nonbinary identity onto Joan, that is actually *exactly* the kind of stretch that makes stories about saints useful; they're supposed to feel like you or me. st clare as the patron saint of TV is not because anyone thinks there were literal cathode ray tubes involved. a lot of saints are important in non-literal-historical ways and it's already normal to accommodate a multiplicity of contradicting stories.

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you could depict her as a real femme gal who resents having to cross-dress to achieve her goals. you could characterize joan as nonbinary or a trans man and get real good stuff out of either. lesbian joan? yes! i think the people who are mad about nonbinary joan have not dug enough into how wild hagiographies get, or into *the point* of them.

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i feel like aws is making fun of me with all the billing dashboard stuff for my one dollar website


look i can do at least moderately responsive images

sorry, their open graph metadata was wrong, this will have a link to the page in just a second here

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anyway, one of the things I answered with was figuring out how to foster interdependence in my life, or experimenting with what that can look like within the bounds of a vaguely normie lifestyle.

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my mom asked me what the point of my life was going to be. we quickly scoped that question down to "the point of my life for the next few years or so as they look from here" because, well, woman plans and god laughs.

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