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if you read stuff on my website and it's more convenient to refer to me as your friend than as a person on the internet with a website you keep up with, I hereby befriend you

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as the instance admin, to other instances 

if you see undesirable content being federated through to your instance please let me know and I will implement the necessary blocks. this is a 1.5 user instance so I don't typically bother blocking instances proactively but that is only because of laziness/perceived lack of impact, and I don't want it to actually impact anyone

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😬🧷: microblogging has neither the social immediacy of chat nor the considered aspect of email. while I still accept responsibility for the impact of what I write, until this crap gets an edit button, it may not ever be what I *meant*.

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if u follow me and u wish I would CW something I don't, DM me :)

this popped into my head in the shower this morning and now you have to look at it

Sooo I got really fed up of Youtube and my addiction to their platform, and one obstacle was that I have thousands of channels subscribed to on Youtube. I created a script for you guys so you can just download the youtube subscriptions and convert them to OMPL files for use in TTRSS

ive never once used the term hubris correctly in my life and i never will. like what's gonna happen, are the gods gonna smite me down for this belligerent misuse of language lol i think not

so she says to me, she says, "I thought of you the instant I saw it. :)"

This is also a good rejoinder to the Gl*nn Gr**nw*ld "post-left" types that argue that Trump was somehow anti-interventionist


I didn't appreciate how Biden has all but halted the drone war, especially compared to Trump

"You are like a little baby."

"You mean full of potential?"

@shahaan Ah, you mean systemd.

It's a shorthand for System of a Down, who provide the official music module for Linux.

this is probably a "be the change you want to see in the world" thing. I send zines I make/buy to my friends sometimes but I should offer... on here I guess?

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it's nuts that there isn't more of a sharing vibe when they're like, the easiest thing to mail? even a 6"x9" envelope for a half letter zine can go out with letter stamp rates

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fanzine culture is of course cool but i want more zine fan culture

Mastodon misinfo 

The plural of "toot" is "teet"

blue oyster cult is good again?? like... they look a bajillion years old in their new music video but the sound is *good* and not even nostalgia-driven

i was reading 'frog and toad are friends' and enjoying it until i got to the part where frog feels sick and has to go to bed. that's what i get for trusting a book not to bury the gays i suppose. everything's for shit

the cyber monday sale 

As for the actual sale, it's still going on until tonight at 11:59pm Eastern. There are discounts on:

- Pro (25% off - new and existing users)
- Teams (25% off - new users)
- eBook add-on (30% off)
- @writefreely iOS app (33% off)

Hopefully there's something in there you might like. For all the details, see our @deals post:

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