@mdszy suffering is virtuous because if it isn't that means I endured it unfairly

in the pokemon world their decentralized federated social network is called mamoswine

comment on a hackaday article about something in rust

"C is perfectly fine. Millenials create problems where they don’t exist because they can’t live in a world with bumps and bruises."

holy shit what the fuck

stumbled onto the Mensa wiki page and knowing it's a joke org for morons decided to check out the notable members page and basically these are the some of the few names I recognized lol

I love references, when I see one thing and it acknowledges another thing I've seen? That's just the peak of the human experience

cache performance is a myth, caches were invented by intel to sell more processors stop falling for this shit

@stephen gave me excellent juju through sharing the power of "september" and would probably appreciate youtube.com/watch?v=OrlWWrSwaB

[BREAKING] Leaked Facebook emails reveal "number one threat" to its platform: decentralized platforms.


Y'know what statistic/study truly fucked my shit up? The one that proved men routinely overestimate how many women are talking

the fedi poster, and gentle creature, spends most of its days uwu'ing to attract mates. but when confronted by predators it secretes debilitating neurotoxic shitposts

@trickster new npm package - quarterly-semicolons


quartsemi --clobber **/*.js

auto formats all javascript files to use semicolons or not use semicolons depending on the current fiscal quarter

add to your build pipeline today!

Blessings also to the two women pushing two wheeled contraptions with a total of five children ensconced within

Blessings today upon the man who called out to me on the street "your dog is a prancer!"

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute