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as the instance admin, to other instances 

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😬🧷: microblogging has neither the social immediacy of chat nor the considered aspect of email. while I still accept responsibility for the impact of what I write, until this crap gets an edit button, it may not ever be what I *meant*.

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if u follow me and u wish I would CW something I don't, DM me :)

Sales continue to be weak for our flagship product, Not As Good As Bouillon

many years ago I read a thing in a science mag about biofeedback in videogames to measure meditative state, more or less. has that gotten good or affordable?

is there an american penmaker that could make enough fountain pens for the bill signing giveaways? Ceremonial Ballpoints.....suck

(do I understand how I arrived in a world where "took the day off to go skiing" is a thing? no.)

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i am sorry neighbors but the boyfriend took the day off to go skiing so i am contractually bound to do my job to Hacker Music

some people (on twitter don't worry) really need to learn what the word "romanticize" means.

disappointed that I will not experience the feeling of being in danger of potentially being banned by a faceless, invisible, corporate moderation team for some silly reason on my own fediverse instance

Actually people only don't like my Content because i am too Cool and Eclectic

do you know how frustrating it is to be in spaces where talking about having hope makes you sound like a lib or whatever

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an argument about when you should handle problems and in what batch size seems really relevant to my own brain problems:

ha ha i have discarded the foolish trappings of religion! *religious ideology reproduces itself in the secular realm* ah shit! ah fuck

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