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if u follow me and u wish I would CW something I don't, DM me :)

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everyone is always all about breaking news but nobody wants to fix the news after

"so how many junior developers under you have you had flee the org in the past few years and do you see any significance there"

one time i saw a new account #onhere and she said "wow fun week on fedi! i've learned so much about free software i'm installing linux on my computer tonight!" and like, damn, you found a way to get the bad ending to social media

how much is your job supposed to make you go into a phone booth to scream

asking for a friend

James gurney painted a (weirdly exoticised?) woman with giant mountain goat pack animals and I have realized both that my goblinsona has a goat face and that I would kill to ride a giant mountain goat

I was out in the rain. So exasperating!

โ€” Endok Zonvumom, Stonecrafter

One thing I feel is pretty important in living happier is to stop optimizing. Stop trying to get the best deal out of everything, stop trying to find the best place for everything. In NYC I know of... maybe 5 cheesecake places. I found one I liked well and I went with that one. Iโ€™m sure itโ€™s not THE BEST and probably not the cheapest in all of NYC but itโ€™s good and I like it. I donโ€™t give a fuck, I donโ€™t want to optimize.

I see Americans doing these kinds of optimizations a lot & it feels weird

it's cool that we have a day of the week named after the moon but it's super fucked up that that day is monday

sometimes a bitch would just like to deal with ordinary errors

cannot find what resource was overloaded on the hosts
patiently waiting for the sr. engineer who wrote the execution framework to get out of a meeting and back to untangling this with me

kinda gross 

hexaco/big five is going to turn out to be the four humors of cognitive psychology

quote me on this in 30 years

hoard texts for God, make the children into factory workers, etc. etc.

if you're not situating your ideas about abstract Learning in the historical context of the societal function of education what are you even doing

Marimar, Marisol, Maria Jose, Mary Beth, Mary Pat, and Mary Margaret would like a word

forget the sex policy, this is the true incompatibility between Catholicism and contemporary secular culture

today assembled pasta and tj's pumpkin bisque as sauce and chicken meatballs and somehow this is the most cooking i've done in A While

love it when iโ€™m cooking, hit a rare ingredient, have to stop & poll my friends for substitutes

"help! wtf is red star anise?"

"my mom has some but she refuses to discuss it or acknowledge its presence in any way"
"it shows up in your spice drawer when you're ready. i guess you're not ready yet"
"you can use black star anise & Red #-2โ€ฆ yes, _minus_ two"
"you canโ€™t buy it, it has to be wrenched from the grasp of a mortal foe"
"a metaphor, like the elusive blue rose"
"i saw it in a dream once"

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