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if you read stuff on my website and it's more convenient to refer to me as your friend than as a person on the internet with a website you keep up with, I hereby befriend you

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as the instance admin, to other instances 

if you see undesirable content being federated through to your instance please let me know and I will implement the necessary blocks. this is a 1.5 user instance so I don't typically bother blocking instances proactively but that is only because of laziness/perceived lack of impact, and I don't want it to actually impact anyone

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😬🧷: microblogging has neither the social immediacy of chat nor the considered aspect of email. while I still accept responsibility for the impact of what I write, until this crap gets an edit button, it may not ever be what I *meant*.

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if u follow me and u wish I would CW something I don't, DM me :)

combichrist covering the dead kennedys: w o w

I had to handle shipping freight which I've never done before and was super anxious about, but I told the guy who came to pick it up "Hi, I have never done this before, do you have any advice?" and he was absolutely excited to be able to help, reminder that you don't have to know what you're doing 100% of the time and there are people who would be delighted to be the expert and share their knowledge

an attempt to create a squabble between some chunk of the altweb and indieweb folks.... was made:

if you're bored, you can design a tree in your mind. it's legal and the botanists can't stop you

I love that post that's like "would a neurotypical God create so many beetles? I don't think so"

β€œWhat could the mysterious β€œCroatoan” carved on the wall possibly mean,” scientists ask, ignoring the Croatoan people who practically lived next door, the artifacts found showing contemporary English artifacts commingled with arrowheads, pipes and tools, the grey eyed indigenous people in the area not two centuries later who read English, and first person accounts by people who looked for them immediately afterwards saying how relieved they were that they were safe with a local tribe

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@m455 thank you for recognizing that some of us generate html from within microsoft word 2000 and thats ok

My "thing" is saying food names wrong, like borgar or souppe or shormps. Also, being a total dumbass.

"elizabeth bathory was innocent" is probably the most fun weird take i've gotten on board for

we're gonna go for gold holo vinyl i happen to have for the spine, obviously

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ordering an english-latin parallel text new testament. i wonder what is the most entertainingly inappropriate scrapbook paper i could use to cover it

@ljwrites Dreamwidth does allow you to read others' blogs in the style you set for your own one. So it wouldn't be the same as your RSS reader settings, but you can hopefully make it readable and not have to deal with all our nonsense.

On this page, find "Entry Pages: Shown to You" and choose "my own style" from the menu there. You might want to do the same thing for "Journal Pages: Shown to You."

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