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if you read stuff on my website and it's more convenient to refer to me as your friend than as a person on the internet with a website you keep up with, I hereby befriend you

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as the instance admin, to other instances 

if you see undesirable content being federated through to your instance please let me know and I will implement the necessary blocks. this is a 1.5 user instance so I don't typically bother blocking instances proactively but that is only because of laziness/perceived lack of impact, and I don't want it to actually impact anyone

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😬🧷: microblogging has neither the social immediacy of chat nor the considered aspect of email. while I still accept responsibility for the impact of what I write, until this crap gets an edit button, it may not ever be what I *meant*.

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if u follow me and u wish I would CW something I don't, DM me :)

Looks like all the inside pages of #fantomesZine are done, illustrated, and laid out (all 60 of them)! That project has been quite a journey, thanks to everyone who submitted and encouraged me in the process :3 Next step: the cover, and then we can get to the printing phase!

do you ever think about how poll results don't federate properly

i promise you i am adequately ashamed, but, like, those electric scooters are pretty fun

the gargron ios thing 

?? I think the design choice is kinda defensible but not the "nobody except me loses", jeebo

i don't really like websub for normal web content stuff. i'm sure there could be some cool distributed application that uses it but polling lightweight feeds really is enough for everything i see it used for

so it turns out that pork belly futures haven't been traded since 2011, because the supply and demand for bacon are both pretty constant throughout the year nowadays

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i made a matrix bot that shoves voice messages through a speech to text api and it makes me feel like a *god of computer*

interesting amount of engagement! answers seem to be "because it was always a bad idea" (I don't have an opinion on this really, haven't done the research as to what the impact was before), "because it was punished" (plausible), and "lol post 9/11 are you kidding" (this was said more nicely but does seem like I should have put two and two together and does totally answer my q even standing alone)

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why is there so little ecoterrorism now? not to sound plaintive, it just doesn't make sense to me

haha oh really? was it hotter in texas? people here don't know what hot means? THE ELDERLY ARE DYING, BUDDY, YOU CAN EAT MY ENTIRE ASS

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"nativism" for the non-indigenous is always a crock but i will admit some irritation at this attitude from the bajillion transplants we have from other regions and countries

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heat warnings in the nw are like... should you feel bad for any given individual given that it's tiny in magnitude compared to other regions? maybe not. plenty of us have the needed amenities and are whiny. but in the bigger picture, there are a ton of vulnerable people who die... so maybe don't "lol this is nothing" it

there isn't a cute way to repair jeans that wear through in the thighs or shirts that tear at the armpit and i remain quietly jealous of cutesy elbow and knee patches

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