So I wrote an essay for my gender studies class that called for women to rise up and seize the means of (re)production, and my TERFy professor failed me for it being irrelevant to gender (what?). I had a meeting with the department head today in which I read part of the essay, and she straight up high fived me and told me that she thinks I have a future in teaching social justice. It turns out she's like... A hardcore anarchist and tries to teach queer theory in everything, and she's been trying to get rid of the TERF professor for a while because there have been like half a dozen other complaints from queer people, but none had as much documentation as I brought to the table. I'm excited to be in her Social Theory class next semester.


like WHAT

@maya My main source, Silvia Federici, is also a Marxist feminist and my entire thesis is basically that the idea of womens' work being defined by reproductive labor (child care, cooking, cleaning, etc, as opposed to productive labor) is inherently oppressive to all genders and that gendered oppression can't end until we seize the means of production (and reproduction).


@ALWETP seems.... Like..... A good topic......???? :blobhyperthink: Idk I am sorry you had to deal with that

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