In honor of now CWing shit that you really shouldn't need sheltering from, just a reminder that the Duwamish tribe, the original tribe in the Seattle area, still isn't federally recognized, they receive no assistance at all from the federal government. No land, nothing, despite still living in Seattle, and especially tending to live in areas of Seattle that have been industrialized & terribly polluted. The Duwamish river's still a superfund site. This shit is happening right here and now.

@maya Again, it needs to be said, this shit happened in*2002.* I remember 2002. While I was alive and alert enough to be playing with Bionicles and a gameboy, the Duwamish tribe had the rug pulled out from under them, the rug that is the bare minimum of what we rightfully owe them. Absolutely, people who can become real renters should be. They deserve it.

If you can make the trip over to their longhouse and cultural center, just the location alone will tell you so much.

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