bb's first docker build foiled by inscrutable sqlite permissions failure

how do I change the ownership of something that doesn't exist???????

@maya if you need a second set of eyes to debug this I feel like I've run into something similar in the past maybe?

but also I put the likely odds that you've already figured it out

@stephen the answer was............use all of the correct flags in the command


subsequently kicked in the teeth over and over again by the compile-in mail utility thing demanding TLS be used as if it weren't just talking to postfix on localhost

@stephen i don't *want* to pay aws a nickel every three months for smtp i want to just connect!! to!! a!! port!!!!!!! but nooooooooooooooo the self-signed certificate isn't from a recognized authorrrrrrity and the rightttt one doesn't match localhostttttt

@stephen productionizing execution environments was a mistake

@stephen we have gotten to the point where we are creating a new VM in order to just use the goddamn makefile

@maya I did have a situation at one point where I used a docker container to build a second docker container which was the one to actually be used

@stephen we are giving up on containerization entirely and moving to a VM where i can Just Compile Things Myself
so that I can take a line of golang that says SendWithTLS and make it say Send

@stephen update: the entire process is now in a tedious part, *but* I am experiencing much less stress about it since consuming two pumpkin beers and putting on fleetwood mac

@stephen they shall sing songs of my bravery for generations to come

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