@maya ... :/

this seems to eliminate the things that make comic sans distinctive

and also (and worse) the individual letters in comic sans distinctive from each other... the little directional curves in sans do make a difference in making each letter more instantly recognizable

@carcinopithecus actually whoa that linked to this and I think... I don't... hate the non-anti-aliased version as much????? designforhackers.com/blog/comi

@maya the funny thing is, when i look at the blurred lorem ipsum i *actually* read the comic sans better (most strikingly the "et" in "et dolore") - and i'm finding it easier to read specifically for the reason the author points out

which actually proves my point about sans being more distinctive, and increases my skepticism about all things "design"

the other article's concerns about ocr are legit though

@carcinopithecus I mean I cede there's something to the idea of some non-uniformity in weight being helpful, potentially, in the same way that non-monospace text is more readable. I think the idea is that the non-uniformity introduces a weight-rhythm to the text that doesn't have to do with the forms of the words, and thus distracts from them? Or at least does in a world where Comic Sans is not the only font one ever has to read

@maya i suppose... fwiw, i'm kinda bitter about having spent years trying to understand how to do design "right" by following all sorts of what have turned out time and again to be arbitrary rules that ultimately didn't help, resulted in something that looked like ass, or was summarily condemned and discarded by the end user

so an end to hating comic sans represents an end to that bitterness for me the way sans itself represents a beginning of an inexorable global philistinism for this author

@maya the arrogance of the "why YOU hate comic sans" also reawakened no small amount of the memory of that bitterness

@carcinopithecus I definitely get being frustrated by people's arbitrary rules like that!

@maya Yo this is pretty nice! Especially the "angular" version.

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