some day we are going to all have to have a Big Conversation about the ethics of the sourcing of crystals and I am not looking forward to it

if you want to prepare for the cultural shift around Crystal Ethics may i suggest doing what i do and just picking up pretty rocks from the ground

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@maya can we just do the sugar water on a string thing while reading sacred texts

@maya ...that would just divert the discourse over to where we're getting the sugar from, nvm

@carcinopithecus ngl i just started googling and a lot of studious avoidance of corn syrup in these comparisons lol

@maya Crystals as in healing crystals? I feel like even if they were ethically sourced (which, as you said, big if), the predatory companies touting them as curing literally everything can't be ethical.

@maya As an electronics nerd, I thought it meant clock crystals for timekeeping and processor frequency regulation for a second. Those are made of quartz, I do wonder how ethically sourced those are.

@AgreeableLandscape my instinct is like... you know, scams around essential oils ruin people's lives, but essential oils themselves are useful in animal husbandry and pleasant in human life, so I don't look at an essential oil bottle and just see the scam. crystals seem less separable to me simply because the point of them is that they have good Vibes (by which I mean aesthetic and cultural connotations)

@maya I mean, if you buy essential oils because they smell nice and your animals like it, then sure (though I do still take issue if you're buying from, for example, one of those essential oil MLMs), but I won't support any attempt to heal ailments that you should go to a doctor or use real medicine for, and I will get really angry if you try to sell essential oils to other people, claiming it cures stuff.

Same logic with crystals. Ascetics is fine, curing illness or unethical production isn't.

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