A piece in the Atlantic (the one about "four Americas") claims without citation that "In the summer of 2020, the protesters in the American streets were disproportionately Millennials with advanced degrees making more than $100,000 a year." but Pew found "Protesters also don’t differ considerably from the adult population in terms of income or educational attainment."

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@maya so the atlantic was pulling a more highbrow "these dang millenials and their basket weaving diloma having, soy latte drinking, avocado toast eating don't know what's going on"

@trickster @maya i'm guessing the atlantic reporter was asking only people they knew, or worse, eyeballing out their subjective impression of what was going on in their facebook feed

@carcinopithecus @trickster it sounds *so* specific that I want to believe he was citing something? that the editors would have required a citation in fact-checking? but ... ??

@maya @trickster i'm reminded of the warning someone gave me a long time ago about how ancient historians valued the ability to keep the story going and making sense so wherever they knew there were gaps in what they had received they would, without any notice or qualification whatsoever, just fill in whatever they felt made the most sense

@trickster I feel mixed about the piece because there are some good insights in it but also the guy just doesn't seem to want to understand where people concerned about social justice are coming from. e: there are only a few sentences about nonwhite americans in the whole thing, but you better believe he finds time to complain about how we now have to examine how "American X" has historically been allowed to be "white American X"

@trickster @maya What if journalism, but good? I wonder if there'd be a market for that...

Nah, it'd be impossible to get the investors on board...

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