got the steam deck reservation :) dockable/portable has just worked really nicely for my household so it'll be really cool to be able to do stuff that isn't out for the switch

@maya I reserved one too, I've been really enjoying streaming and mobile gaming and I've been very happy wit the steam link and steam controllers in the past 😊 I am optimistic about this


@Crazypedia yeah for all the "lol steam controllers failed" they.... work really nicely?

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@maya yeah, and the level of control when remapping them, oh so nice. i was able to remap enough controls to comfortably play Guild Wars 2, which isnt supported by steam! 😁

@Crazypedia tbh keymappings..... i tried to play bloodlines with them and ..... could not figure out how so i just never went back and tried again
but when It Just Works it makes me happy

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