am I especially thick or are there just no good ways to vertically center content on each page with CSS for print

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everything i'm finding uses a bunch of gross wrapper classes :(

@maya do you mean it's centered only when it's printed? because if you mean always centered, i have some code i can show you, but idk about doing it for only a specific context like that

@marie_joseph basically they introduced so printed pages that you can set the size of, and margins for, and you can specify how you want the page breaks to work..... but then you can't position "the stuff that got flowed onto this page box" within "this page box" if that makes sense??

@marie_joseph i am being overly ambitious as far as the idea of having an html zine that would just magically print up nicely onto half page size, but made me think that anything *ought* to be possible lol

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