why is there so little ecoterrorism now? not to sound plaintive, it just doesn't make sense to me

interesting amount of engagement! answers seem to be "because it was always a bad idea" (I don't have an opinion on this really, haven't done the research as to what the impact was before), "because it was punished" (plausible), and "lol post 9/11 are you kidding" (this was said more nicely but does seem like I should have put two and two together and does totally answer my q even standing alone)

@maya most of the ecoterrorists' habitats were wiped out by climate change

@maya would it change anything if there was more? maybe folks are realizing that war isn't going to get things onto a good track.

@maya Why does nobody assassinate billionaires or the heads of insurance companies or hedgefunds?

@maya That's the exact same question I heard a fellow countryman ask in some podcast or wherever it was. Seems he wrote a book (available in libgen) about it...

@mikael I mean I do genuinely mean that I'm curious about why this *isn't* happening, like what are the incentives in play

@maya I have always had a sneaking suspicion that the "war on terror" was more about building mechanisms to control internal resistance than any actual fear of outward attack

@maya My sense is those most capable of mounting attack are the most bought off, and those with the most emotional and material reason for attack are those who have had the boot on their neck for so long they fear the backlash

@maya All "terrorist" groups are funded by someone from the outside - someone with money with power in the system.

An attack on the system itself would require the money of a totally self-sacrificing group and I've yet to meet people who are like that in any sustaining way

@lutzray @maya When I think of those with the boot on their neck I think the Native Americans at standing rock, not Eric McDavid

@lutzray @maya but at the same time, yes, the boot is on more necks now than it was in the 1990s/2000s.

So you could say that even white people feel afraid of the state now

@dualhammers @maya Sorry, I wasn't clear, It was an tentative answer to "why is there so little ecoterrorism now?" ⇒ because of chilling effect of past sentences?

But fear won't hold people for long, when they'll realize they have nothing to lose anymore, activism will harden. Mais comme dit Lordon, « Le capitalisme ne rendra pas les clés gentiment»

@dualhammers this is a good thought. I guess I hadn't really thought about how different the Security Landscape is than before. while small-scale sabotage is definitely still possible, organizing to sell people on doing it isn't.

@maya you are also wondering why a strategy that proved unsuccessful isn't being utilized anymore. 70-90s ecoterrorism was a blip even compared to the relatively tiny period of labor militancy of the 1890s-1940s, and it had far less lasting effects

@dualhammers @maya

Dont worry, thoses who are 20 something in France are be as coward as us. No negociation possible with them !

@maya ecoterrorists were so illspoken in msm and so thoroughly washed out by cointelpro that to do it would be to loose support from more than one side.

@maya I never thought about the question. The first part of the answer might have to do with how effective (or not) it would actually be?

My respect for a cause goes down when I see protesters destroy my city, even when I can rationally believe that the people destroying stuff don't officially act on behalf of everyone, or the cause itself, and they might be undercover cops.

Tell me if you find a better answer. Maybe it's just bad strategy.

@maya @neauoire my guess is because it didn't work and was making people at large hate environmentalism. I'm definitely not in favor of it, myself, and look poorly on anyone doing it.

@maya I've asked this same question a number of times lately. The discussion in the thread is great.

There were those recent cyber attacks on meat production, a pipeline, etc. I wondered if they were environmentally motivated, but I think it turned out to be pure profit.

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