you know how you can write "(sp?)" in text? i want a hand signal i can use to communicate when speaking aloud that i don't have confidence in my pronunciation of a word and if wrong would like to be corrected.

this sucks especially with names where not everyone has recorded the pronunciation somewhere I can access, and pronunciations differ according to regional origins on a continent I've never been to. so then the options are act real casual about however i'm mangling someone's name (not ok) or interrupt a discussion for the quick question that others that person even when asked in good faith (not ok).


or, what, avoid saying those names like "the manager of the so-and-so team" is Voldemort? ruuuuuude

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@maya obviously I can't speak for everyone but as someone with a first and last name that people aren't sure about pronunciation, I personally quite like it when someone is about to say my name and then says "sorry, how do you pronounce your name again?" Obviously if someone does this REPEATEDLY it sucks but I appreciate the effort the first time. It only feels like othering to me when it's repeated.

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