where does one ask questions like "how do i get music from my nextcloud instance to scrobble to last.fm"

@maya I'm seeking for a self hosted last.fm alternative.

@j I think github.com/foocorp/gnu-fm is what runs libre.fm ? I suck all my data out for my own purposes with the last.fm API and I'm happy with it so I don't mind them hosting, but I def get why there should be options in this space

@maya many thanks!
I'm not really worried (in this case) to share my music preferences with last.fm. But I wish to have my own copy of this data.

@j it looks like you can specify a time window, so paging through that once a day or so might work nicely

@j yw :) sometimes last.fm gives Problematic Unicode Escaped Characters (for emoji, stuff like that) so you may need to fuss with it a little more depending on what code parses it

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