Follow too many jokes about boomers being lead poisoned, not enough about whatever the fuck this is

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@maya Donald Pleasence was recorded without his knowledge for this. He actually is the spirit of dark and lonely water and was talking to himself

@maya this has the same energy as a lot of BBC serious tv dramas, i want a full series on it now

@ritualdust @maya

"This branch is weak. Rotten. It will never take his weight."

@ritualdust @maya I get strong Water Wrackets vibes from this. Can't find the whole thing online, but here's a bit:

@phooky @ritualdust Each shot in this is to die for. I have been to shows where the bands had nature footage behind them and this would surely be the highest of the form

@ritualdust analogy time... as 1960s horror is to The Love Witch, so *this* is to YouTube content I desperately wish existed

@maya it also reminds me a bit of children of the corn for some reason

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