@flancian I'll admit that I didn't search maybe the most thoroughly because I was supposed to be doing something else at the time, but do y'all have documentation of the jekyll import into the agora? Code links also fine, I couldn't find what specifying that maps to

@maya ahoy! thank you for asking :) [[jekyll]] support is basic for now -- are your source files Markdown? if so, filename.md maps to node [[filename]]; filename-with-slugs.md and 'filename with spaces.md' are also supported.

Is your jekyll site on git? If so, I'd be happy to import it into the Agora and work on any support you'd need (dev.anagora.org if you want to take a look at how it'd look before publishing).

@flancian Well, I wanted to look at how it'd import jekyll stuff mostly so I could get a sense of what I have that might be halfway sensible to include; I have a number of things like the file that gets rendered as maya.land/maya-blue/ The .md has liquid nonsense in it `{% sdlfkjsldf %}` for transcluded link previews, and knowing whether those get excluded is relevant.


@flancian the site's repo itself is on a private repo on a private gitea instance and honestly is *way* heavier than I'd want you to have to deal with, since there are assets in the source control that Really Shouldn't Be

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