welcome new people

if you see a bunch of posts admonishing you to use this site in XYZ way, please don't feel scared off

people are mostly talking indirectly to each other who have been here longer

it's fine to figure stuff out over time

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@maya Oh hey, this might be the first welcome post I’ve seen that was welcoming and not intimidating! I almost feel comfortable enough to actually post something now :)

@richardgoodness @maya there are pockets of different people. im nice tho i promise 😅😇

@vera @maya hello possibly nice person! :) and like I absolutely understand the reason for rules like that, esp in like queer instances where people have been burned by some stuff. But it seems like there aren’t massive pile-on campaigns if you forget to CW or something which is nice! It’s more good-faith. A lot of my Twitter and Facebook issues come from everyone immediately assuming the worst of each other. That’s always been the disheartening part for me.

@richardgoodness @maya assuming best intent is a big part of my personal life philosophy

@richardgoodness @vera there definitely is a decent amount of passive-aggression around all conflicting views/expectations of behavior, but the good news is that if you ignore it, it really does pass by because the chrono timeline doesn't inflame it

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