there is non-mastodon activitypub social media and it would be cool if there were more, but let's not kid ourselves about the numbers

*bangs pots* don't ‼️ confuse ‼️ the newbies ‼️


mastodon isn't silent and dead if you understand from the get-go that you've got to follow like a MFer and prune people back later. some of the other alt social media are .... just silent and dead

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@maya @darius it *would* be nice, I think, if there were something like "local timeline" / "federated timeline" but which actually worked or made sense. like opt-in community feeds, or subscribable lists or something.

@grafo @mcc is a partial solution to this, I guess

I get that not everyone will agree with me on this and that's cool, but I actually like that it's a bit harder for me to mass follow people, it makes me more mindful and forces me to curate my feed better

additional context to the previous toot 

@grafo @mcc I don't know how it works well enough, but it suspect that any usable implementation of this feature would be hard to do without a lot of extra load from a increase in federated data transfer

also, fwiw, public lists that others can share and add you to without your consent *are* used on twitter to facilitate abuse of vulnerable people and groups

@mcc @maya @darius we need lists if only so we can collate all the "hourly animal" accounts

@Cleoqc @mcc @maya @darius *the shirt I am wearing immediately changes text from "one feature request" to "two feature requests"*

@mcc @maya @darius hindsight but i wish the concept of joining a community and who is your admin were decoupled. would make joining an instance a bit easier a decision, but oh well

@aeva sounds even more confusing- does everybody get to choose their own admins, and you have to live with other people's choices?

@aeva @mcc @maya @darius isn't there some sort of auto move accounts feature now?

@aeva @mcc @maya @darius I wish activitypub used webrtc datachannels instead of websockets so you could run your own server in the browser tab the client is in

@parataxis @mcc @maya @darius right so if you want to only have one account, and your main interests are spread out across multiple instances, you have to pick one local timeline and be a quasi outsider to the others AND annoy everyone on the instance when you post about other stuff too often. or you make multiple accounts which is a pain.

@parataxis @mcc @maya @darius and so either way mastodon handles context collapse kinda poorly, and it handles the opposite kinda poorly.

@parataxis @aeva @maya @darius I think you still lose your posts along the way.

The problem is your Mastodon account is in itself like a Twitter or like a blog— an archive of posts and a persistent identity. But the community features seem to suggest you're treating it more like an IRC handle, and constantly logging off of one IRC server to log on to another.

It doesn't make much sense to delete your blog when you switch IRC servers…!

@mcc @maya @darius sort of hacks this group functionality (follow a group account, and it autoboosts any posts that @ it). The most recent Mastodon blog post briefly mentions groups as an upcoming feature, too!

@mcc @maya @darius they have that, at least in Tusky and the web app. You can make a feed composed of certain hashtags.

@alexispurslane @darius People don't really seem to use hashtags, though. (Actually I'd like to use them for purposes of categorizing my own posts, but they clutter the posts up so I don't!)

@alexispurslane @darius Maybe if there was a way to make hashtags invisible, people would use them more.

@bradysflungtablet Twitter suggested follows worked really really well for me when I was on there, so I don't regard that as an upside 🤷

@maya >prune people back later
Why would you do that to yourself? :^)
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