what shift key do you use (boost pls)

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@maya easy. brits and aussies use left shift, everyone else uses right

@anarchiv @maya I only have one shift lmao, such a waste of space

@anarchiv @maya This guy from The States disagrees. My nearly translucent left key confirms many years of abuse, while righty looks brand new.

@anarchiv @maya LOL Gotcha, do not take my comment as a bellwether of your joke making skills. My brain is extra squishy today.

@maya LOL. I won't say you're a weirdo if you use something else different than the two shifts.I like the right one, but, I get to use both at times, so I think I am the weirdo in this case! :ms_cat_grin:

@maya I have one shift key for each thumb, and use the hand that's not typing a letter to press shift, so I don't have to press several keys at once, because ouch.

@maya this is my favourite comeback post.

"Hi I've been away a few months but I just had to come back to ask about your keyboard habits, it's OK you can call me a weirdo in the poll"

@proactiveservices you don't get to 9k toots in under three years by taking time off from Posting. the world needs this shift-key Content and i accept the responsibility i may beg two differ. i have accumulated many posts in a month or less

@maya Right thumb cluster. Tap for Esc, hold for shift. A relic of my Vim days.

@maya This is why God make the pinky on the left hand. I mean, IMO...

@maya both now, but it took me a long time to switch from just using one of them

@lm i'm a left shifty myself but i find it really funny how unimaginable this lifestyle is to some elite both-shifters with whom I have spoken of it

@maya If I’m typing on my phone, then I just use the left shift key.
If I’m using my iPad or an actual computer, I use both shift keys.

@maya I set up the spacebar on my Planck EZ to be a shift key if you hold it down.

@maya it depends. If the letter I want to capitalize falls under my right hand, then I use the left shift key (with my left pinky). And vice-versa.

@maya i use lshift as shift, but...
i have space cadet shift, so pressing lshift alone is ( and rshift alone is )
so.. both? i guess?

@maya seeing the distribution i must assume that in some keyboard layouts the left shift is in a usable position and not twice removed from everything else and ridiculously tiny (compared to right shift which seems to be the second biggest key after spacebar)


The only time I've used the right one is on that one laptop where I wore out the left one. I quickly got an external keyboard for it.

@maya Proper 10-finger typing requires the use of both shifts, depending on which hand isn't currently being used to type a letter. I, of course, follow 10-finger typing rules religiously ...
except for that tiny faux pas where I still lift my hands and count numbers, rather than reaching up with the correct finger. A far more major mistake, really. But at least I respect the shifts!
Except on the phone. We all have no choice there but to use the left shift, which is most unfair and unreasonable.

@maya wait how in the name of all that's holy are people shifting with their thumbs?! Are those people talking about phone keyboards?? 🀯

@Drops ah, that makes sense! Do you like that keyboard? (I'm a constant keyboard user, so always interested in a better mousetrap!)

@maya i actually learned 10-finger Typing when I was like 8 or 9 years old, so I always use the shift key on the site opposite to the letter I'm typing.

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