why are people acting like this is a chill version of social media

i cannot *fathom* having to -- being *able* to -- reliably get to my phone in two minutes

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@maya ugh, same. An app that only lets you post twice a day would be chill, the bizarre manufactured urgency ruins it

@matt like... I get *why* they want to do it but the actual mechanics -- enforcing unplannedness by punishing you for a moment's disconnection --- y i k e s

@maya I've been using it some and the article says it's trying to punish you, but that isn't my experience. Everyone ends up posting late eventually, and since most people only use the app for like 3 minutes, IMO you get notified to make sure you don't miss people who missed the initial window. Probably different for different friend groups tho. Literally everything else in the article about the app being gamified is 100% true tho, lol

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