there seems to be a risk of people actually seeing my writing these days and it makes me go full hedgehog in the footnotes -- four defensive footnotes is *after* they were pared down

@maya this was really interesting to read! The "deciduous vs evergreen" distinction is something that has been on my mind lately as I think about different approaches to sharing creative work online, but this is the first time I've heard anyone put a name to it or describe it this clearly

@mikael :D i love that your bookmarks are public, I get so much out of it!

@maya Happy it's useful to someone (except me)! Pinboard is kind of anti-social by nature. All I know is that I have 33 subscribers with Pinboard user accounts. 21 of those are anonymous and the rest are just a bunch of pseudonyms with which I have no way to interact. Needless to say, someone commenting my link curation is not too common. 🙂

@maya Re: the topic of your post, or more specifically, this part: “When I link to a cool top-level site, it seems like it gets only a small amount of emphasis in my feed. If I thought that a site wasn’t worth visiting except for four articles, and linked to those four, it’d have four times the prominence.” I've had much time to ponder the same “problem”.

@maya I now use two dot tags (tags prepended with a “.” are hidden) named .favorite and .towebdirectory. The latter is mostly for crème de la crème top-level links (or important texts) that would be a good fit for a future web directory. I'm more generous with the “.favorite” tag. These links are often deciduous but of higher than average quality.

@maya This is no solution, but rather putting off finding a good solution to the problem. 🙂 I'd love to see a simple PHP flat file CMS for managing a web directory, but I think I'll someday end up with something akin to your blogroll. Until that day I'll just keep Pinboarding. 🥳

@mikael I wish there were some really, really, *really* lightweight equivalent to a static site generator. Maybe I should set up a Glitch project? Eleventy seems real overbuilt for this, but all of my stuff is *so* easy once you've got something processing Liquid templates.

@mikael I love that Pinboard has the RSS feeds, though! You never know how many RSS lurkers like me might follow you... Though then the anti-social bit is that there's no real way for me to, you know, throw up into so you'd get a webmention or anything.

@maya Yeah, there could be a few RSS lurkers for sure. 🙂 Hadn't seen
Rad concept!

Really light static site generators... Were you thinking for a web directory use or just lulz? I've been wanting to check XQuery out:

The lightest of them all must be ? Not really a generator, but... 😃

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