I always feel weird about using people's first names in writing like this. "Darius". "Robin". It reads as borderline hostile to use the last names, though -- like an academic trying to pick a fight

I promise I'm not desperately trying for chumminess with people I've never met! We don't have a good name etiquette for this stuff!! I don't even *use* my last name when I can get away with it

@maya ha! I am inclined to refer to you as "Maya" so it's fine by me

@darius at my work there's a certain Status associated with being invoked every time as "<first name> <last name>". I wonder how you get that kind of aura on something digital. spoken, it feels like the right kind of respectful, but typed out, it looks a bit like I've lost some marbles

@maya good points well made!!!

as someone not as familiar w webgardens etc that you link here i was quite taken w the idea of robins protocol. i like the idea of a little board that stays put and then updates

i also like the limitations on content bc i think it breeds creativity. but im not sure if the limit is drawn at the right point, as yet

the total number of boards feels very arbitrary, the allowance for so many and also the method of distribution to me feels like it could get very ad heavy very quickly if it starts to catch on

and i wish i understood more of how it would be secure? because it sounds like the kind of context that would be intoxicating to bad actors and trolls. but this might just be me not being so technically minded

@h I was ALSO quite taken with it of course!! I am quite fond of most tech experimentation that comes from a positive place and isn't startuppy.


Fragmenting a protocol before it's even finalized would be a great sin, but you or I can imagine another version of this with different thresholds: allowing a much larger board size adequate for a crisp image the size of a phone screen (1440 by 2036ish? 2ish megabytes?), and proportionally many fewer boards on a server (you could imagine: cap storage at 8gb, parameterize board size, set the maximum number of boards as what fits).

@h But that *doesn't* match the vision, so exploring *why* it doesn't match and what the virtues of the thresholds as they're set *are* would be interesting. Limitations have creative value, as you say!


I would imagine you wouldn't get ads just because... I'm not sure why you would follow something that posts ads? And there's no way for an advertiser to know how many people had seen something.

Re: bad actors / trolls: thinking from the mindset of someone determined to make lives miserable and considering mitigations might still be left to do.

@maya wrt ad heavy in this context i just meant if there is a finite number of boards people could hoard 'em for commerce and just clog the whole thing up, lol

@maya thanks for bringing this protocol to my attention, it's fascinating.

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