i wonder if it would be worth writing about how i personally am at a place where this fails to resonate with me at all and how that fits with signing up for tumblr in 2009.

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I am constantly showing myself by pointing at the things I love and hate and want to slice up under a microscope

if writing about a tree counts as not about the self, i genuinely cannot imagine how i would make a full two thirds of my internet presence ABOUT myself

follow up: yeah but maya how much are you on the internet

@maya These kinds of lament have been written for a very long time - at least in internet time - and I always read them first as “why do people insist on talking for themselves when they should be listening to me?”

@maya (It’s a view I usually associate with journalists but in this case I think “mutual cherishment of each other’s work” is the key phrase)

@maya i’m doing a lot of thinking about /performing/ the self in the context of the internet right now and this is very interesting to me so please do

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