are there wedding favors that don't end up being inevitably wasteful

the things I can think of are

* tiny jars of honey
* lil plants in peat pots
* cookies in paper packaging to go

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don't say that everyone hates wedding favors and they should just always be skipped because i am The Bitch Who Loves Receiving Tiny Things

@maya I genuinely don't remember if it was my wedding or someone else's but I do recall making little bundles of chocolates in netting circles for someone's wedding.

@maya One of my friends made jars of jam for everyone. I particularly liked it because a lot of people didn't take them, so I got enough homemade jam for like a whole month of sandwiches

@maya I got a tiny tin of loose tea from a wedding once. Another thing that comes to mind would be seed bombs.

@maya The last wedding I went to had little bags of Jolly Ranchers, and everyone at my table sat around trading for our favourite flavours.

@maya seed packets have been popular lately, and i've planted a few of those (though if you start thinking about invasive plant concerns and such maybe it gets weird).

i still use the koozies i've gotten from a couple of weddings.

we have and use some drink coasters from a wedding made by slicing a small log and woodburning the couple's initials on.

tea or coffee? those tiny but actually quite useful keychain swiss army knives? a hacky sack or frisbee?

@maya we handed out tiny tins of tea for ours and people liked it.

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