colorpicking from an illuminated manuscript for [[user styles]] for the [[agora]]: totally normal and I'm sure we've all done it


i'm not big on "how dare you call this pizza" type boundary-setting but this .... oof

1/1 wordle spoiler 

the principle of etaoin shrdlu at work: guess stain horde lucky

it's a painting of some trees 

let's say this is my "before" of the closest thing to what I want that I'm managing to do

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i've been really frustrated with my inability to move my work away from "render it more like the picture" so i went and bought a bundle of stuff from domestika, let me know if you end up wanting reviews


cropping the bf out because i told him i'd only be using the picture for reference but look how cute

who are the people who have sold out this norwegian dark-folk show at $450 a pop? they walk among us

dunno if this is technically transphobia but it's definitely Some Cis Bullshit 

okay i understand now

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute