food, alc, critical levels of bougie 

wellllll I couldn't invite anyone over but it was still a nice meal for midsummer with the bf ๐Ÿ˜Š

my apartment is too hot for flowers but they look lovely briefly

This Priority Mail crop top with the Priority Mailยฎ logo on the front and Fred Segal and USPSยฎ logos on the back celebrates the Postal Service's rich history of more than 245 years and pays homage to vintage USPSยฎ logos, designs and stamp artwork.


(to the tune of teenage mutant ninja turtles) post pandemic hair decisions

should have bought this stamp (self inking!) ages ago. resisting the temptation to use it as an 'ex libris' mark

gideon the ninth, cavalier of the ninth house!

there's a good reason her grip on the sword is wrong, honey, you just haven't thought of it yet

selfie (selfieportraity?) 

it looks very cool and I plan to use these powers for evil

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i know everything descends into corporate exploitation or whatever but i'm gonna say this is.... good?

potentially cursed idea: using special lawyer will presentation envelopes for my normal correspondence

if you're wondering, maya, was there a lot of internal decoration that looked like winamp skins of the time? WHY YES THERE WAS

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and in case you are wondering what kind of skeleton fan i am, i am the kind that goes and finds the questionably hi-res viewer in order to be able to sew together this image of my new skelesona

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I'm trying to decide whether this pre-stamped card is as hilarious as I think it is and thus worth stocking up on

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lol so they always try to have the local post office division relevant to a theme release its stamp.... this is seattle

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why is the best picture of me ever taken from a medieval times 

that's the REAL question

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if you change the height of the overlay div to 100% and just paste it into the console you can use Dithered Mastodon

it doesn't chug to process the video, but it does if the video is playing *and* I try to scroll

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