I feel certain that there is *some* social situation in which whipping out this lip balm would constitute a flex and I cannot for the life of me picture it

my "Illuminasty" short-shorts have a lot of people asking questions answered by my "Illuminasty" short-shorts

they did it lads. shut down the website, we can all go home now

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i am arting a lot these days. mostly putting things on instagram (@kixiqu) but i would rather give them to fedi. have some villagers, fedi!

this is what happens when you *can't* leave a meeting that's wasting your time

forget the sex policy, this is the true incompatibility between Catholicism and contemporary secular culture

Some other watercolors got a few layers from the hospital today. I got to a page with notes I'd taken when the heart surgeon first talked to us after the surgery, and, well, what else was I gonna do with it?

this is the photo i have to try uploading to test whether I setup jortage correctly

Have only just learned about the sonargoltr and am now desperately wishing I could get a nonstick version of this

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute