@trickster it was sort of phrased like "introducing the lightweight perfectly interoperable fully federating protocol of screenshotting and reuploading shit" or something? it was .... a screenshot of a tweet

finding a file called "uuids" that I saved in 2020 for some reason. inside there are 529 uuids. i have no idea what they are for. could be important, though, can't delete them.

@makeworld oh man really?? I hate missing things so the ephemerality is killing me ;-; I need to make a client that caches boards like an RSS reader

this is what happened to me. i am now one of the shadow people.

you wanna read Discworld?

@nex3 was this referencing something? I thought I'd seen the screenshots as protocol thing, but structured differently, and I've been looking for the post for an embarrassingly long time

it's amazing how much of 'prompt engineering' is taking the prompt and prefixing it with the words "good quality high definition detailed stylish sharp correctly color-balanced nice impressive and beloved by users of AI image generation services"

Back in the old days we didnʼt have DNS servers. You had to call the operator and tell her what IP address you wanted (and it was always a “her” — the men were off fighting in the war), and if you didnʼt spend 10 minutes asking her about how her mother was doing, you were liable to get ugly looks at church that Sunday.

i was given a physical copy of The Benedict Option, a book by this guy, because my mom wasn't real plugged into His Whole Deal and we're both interested in contemplative lifestyles / new forms of community, religious/spiritual/else

powell's i will pay you to take it from me without my having to feel bad about production waste

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a great thing twitter has is hiding replies so you can go see an awful person be absolutely *bodied* at a convenient URL twitter.com/roddreher/status/1

@joepie91 @carcinopithecus it's suuuper hard to measure or reason about those really indirect effects, which makes me suspicious of this argument centering them. like, maybe that kind of really diffuse attention isn't all good -- maybe it's *more* likely to encourage the kind of unequal results in fundraising along standard axes of oppression journals.plos.org/plosone/arti

mastodon.offline, the instance where you have to actually send your posts through the postal system

on the one hand, cohost's pitch is claiming to be something it isn't. on the other hand, they have cute little interactive css and html posts and i put a lizard back into a tank

My main thought on Cohost:

Livejournal made this promise too. "Forever" turned out to be... about eight years, before Brad got sick of learning that running a social media site mostly consists of moderating the horrible shit users will say to each other, and sold it to Six Apart, who then sold it to Russians.

@lordbowlich @neauoire I hadn't thought I cared whether 0.25% of my followers on Twitter saw my attempt at a funny and clicked the heart, but I realized I had once I left. Now I do operate in the mode of shouting at a void, and I enjoy it 🤷

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