scott adams. i mean scott adams. I am talking about the garfield man

i get a physical newspaper on sundays and wow did you know that butthurt subtooting is a thing you can do in a nationally syndicated comic

@interneteh of all the things my job has asked me to do, price fixing for food just hasn't come up idk

though... I don't know, I'm pretty sure even in other paradigms people get too in love with the idea that they have Discerned The Fundamental Nature Of A Thing, and that they now need to abstract away details that aren't Fundamental To That Nature, and the whole thing ends up being needlessly brittle

looking at Certain Internet Placed and feeling like blockchain has managed to poison the word "decentralized" for years :blobgrimace:

listening to my loved one dismantle a plastic commodity router for no apparent reason

@dankwraith i have a lot of colleagues who will start writing interfaces like, "oh well if we abstract away the data persistence layer then we could swap out the database type we're using" and it's like, a. we have no plans for doing that, why are you planning for non-things, b. now you have moving pieces that all need to change every time I realize that running a different kind of DDB query needs to be exposed through three layers of OOP crap

@dankwraith look, game programming is a weird world whose problems I hope I never have to come to understand. however, over-generified shit in the Enterprise is a real problem. this guy has a concrete (ha) example

@marie_joseph you may already know this but they're working on lower-resource matrix-server options (dendrite in golang is the main one) and also p2p communications which should be cool :)

Hardware hacking is black magic and people who do it should be burned as witches

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