"I asked an AI to generate a Python function to determine whether a person should be terminated."

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i watched More Than Two videos about how to give subcutaneous fluids because i didn't want to fuck it up and i've searched a billion google searches about dog kidney disease and it's fine right *now* that all my recommendations are "how to give your cat fluids" and "old dog supplements" and shit but once she's gone I'm gonna fuckin loseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

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wellllll I couldn't invite anyone over but it was still a nice meal for midsummer with the bf 😊

"How programmers comment their code..."

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local meadmaker says their meads come adequately aged, they certainly do not, but luckily we knew this as of last year :) we broke a pre-midsummer alcohol fast last night with a can of cider, but tonight we open mead!

happy midsummer :) i am trying to figure out what kind of thing i want to make, and i suspect it's gonna involve risking getting butter on my nice new pasta maker

crow scientist meticulously annotating the taste of different types of french fry

FANTASY NOVEL: travel to the Iron Planetscape of Horg
ME: hell yeah
FN: meet the Abernath - the great sky-pilots of the desert!
ME: yeah!
FN: the subterranean sloth-men of Ur!
ME: yeah!
FN: and the inscrutable Celestial Servants of the Imperial Kung Fu Dragon
ME: what the fuck

@th TBH if I could just slide my ipad into a dock with stuff like a disk drive that'd be super neat

Bo Burnham's New Special Is A 17-Hour Reading Of Infinite Jest And We Are Here For It


"slave free chocolate" is a tough thing to explain but this is so, so, so good

sick dog 

I'm wondering whether I should carry my dog to see the sunrise or just bring down some early morning herbs to wave over her.

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i am less concerned with enacting superstitions to prevent house from burning down and more wishing there were something about regional forest fires

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if we manage to move out to the boonies i will be able to have a proper fire someday but im wondering if the best thing is going up to the condo roof where there is one of those gas fires

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