@swiff this is not in my copy of the chymical wedding. perhaps I was ripped off

@swiff i am prepared for exactly one half of wherever this goes and it is not the yu-gi-oh half

ah, there it is -- the sunday night queasiness, 24 hours delayed

@flancian eleanor janega isn't always so explicitly political but her writing is always really excellent for reexamining stuff I thought I knew something about.

"Given the situation, we told workers the truth: If they wanted a union, and truly could not wait for change, they would have to get an undeniable supermajority on union cards and strike until the employer voluntarily recognized the union.

This is the route they chose."


Poll for only Millennials :please_boost: 

@Cyborgneticz @Juju this was the exact thing I got lol

@kravietz idk, independently of her spin, I think the existence of the standards linked suggests there's a there there as to the significance of biodegradation: iso.org/standard/57902.html astm.org/d5511-18.html

@kravietz specifically "Biodegradation describes the process of those microorganisms metabolizing a material into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. The conversion to CO2 (also called mineralization) is a clear indicator that biodegradation takes place, whereas the mass loss of a polymeric material alone is not considered sufficient proof." speaks to "it either degrades or not" because you can have additives that would create that mass loss and ease mechanical degradation without the rest


"we wanted our sachets to be environmentally friendly! they're oxo-biodegradable ❀️"

huh I haven't heard that term, what does it--


"[[Oxo-degradable]] [[plastics]] quickly fragment into smaller and smaller pieces, called [[microplastics]], but don’t break down at the molecular or polymer level like biodegradable and compostable plastics."


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