chess, but you promote pawns by getting three to the other side and putting them all in one tiny trenchcoat

I like how β€œperson” is irregularly pluralized to β€œpeople,” but it’s also acceptable to pluralize each of these words regularly on their own. So all of these exist in English and have different meanings:

Person ==> People
Person ==> Persons
People ==> Peoples

I'm not real confident that the social responsibility indexes manage to do the opposite but boy am I confident that this shit makes the world worse

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did we all know that there are investment products designed to streamline the process of investing money in tobacco, alcohol, and gambling? "Vice" funds is a pretty cutesy way to talk about profiting from lives destroyed.

@InternetEh there needs to be a special medal for this position

you'll note, though, that the work of constructing a world that "forgot" or, worse, never knew about gay people continues in this period where gay people have "unprecedented" visibility. we are still lying about the possibilities of being gay in the post-Stonewall years of the seventies, the eighties, the nineties, the aughts, even the 2010s.

this allows us to present stagnation, backslides, or lateral changes in gay people's well-being as "progress" against a presumed, ahistoric past of undifferentiated repression.

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selfie (selfieportraity?) 

it looks very cool and I plan to use these powers for evil

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i'm working on a fun effect using hard mix but right now to get something approximating healthy anti-aliasing, i have to size up all the layers to 200%, apply the layer mode, then resize back down

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anyone know how to get the equivalent of lowered "fill" in procreate for layer modes where that has a different effect than opacity?

is there a *fun* dataset I can get from a GDPR export to practice playing with sqlite? everybody always shows exercise tracker data that I don't have

@bulkington "what do you mean no one knows how to connect it"

@bulkington I live in a building with a tragicomic sound system up on the roof that....yeah

Happy 3rd anniversary of this sheep pic first getting posted on the internet 🐘

idk what's about to happen on this episode of bake off but they've definitely got me curious

"if you pronounce gif as _ we cant be friends"

if you care about how people pronounce gif, we can't be friends. full stop.

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i stole this meme and please also know i stole it to smuggle it on to facebook so i could tag in my high school biology teacher, and joke about making a custom version of this to explain what the hell went wrong with one of the experiments we did in class

i was meant to get a petri dish of bacteria that had been gently cajoled into picking up some jellyfish genes and glowing at the end. what i actually got was a petri dish of "i told you i had a cold, i guess i sneezed on it whoops" that was a bunch of strong independent bacteria who didn't need no glowy genes thank you very much because they promptly steamrolled over the ones meant to be used for the experiment

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