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like WHAT

@marie_joseph i will light a candle to the electrical engineering gods

pokemon no spoiler 

stumbled onto the Mensa wiki page and knowing it's a joke org for morons decided to check out the notable members page and basically these are the some of the few names I recognized lol

@tek honestly the opposite question is more interesting, I guess. I wonder what a federated wikipedia could look like

@velexiraptor grookey is the cutest but i can't not go with anxiety lizard just on personality

I love references, when I see one thing and it acknowledges another thing I've seen? That's just the peak of the human experience

cache performance is a myth, caches were invented by intel to sell more processors stop falling for this shit

gentrification question 

@marie_joseph I read this was only necessary with older stuff and now I feel paranoid used to be toad only but now I am Halloween Rosalina forever

pokemon no spoiler 

@amelia bloons. bloons tower defense. i am *not proud* of the brain CPU cycles burned

@stephen gave me excellent juju through sharing the power of "september" and would probably appreciate

@amelia the time i have sunk into tower defense games is appalling

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute