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it is really frustrating to have a job where I get paged for stuff my team thinks is important, but then have to spend days nagging other teams to get them to look into those issues

i wish y'all used matrix rooms not discords cuz this is one place i can be picky about preferring a federated option

6 pokemon is a lot
but if you can think of one good one for me that'd be cool

if you delete the ring within 24 hours, it is "fair use" for the purpose of education and evaluation and you will not die

Psst, hey! I have some availability in my schedule for new freelance work. If you need 2D game art or illustration, email me at ✨meagantrott [at] gmail✨
🎨 Portfolio:
🎨 Tarot game:

had to sleep in a phone booth because of being paged during the night
like being an expert called in on Important Matters, except being an expert in telling people it isn't your fault

look at this nice bird. its a cormorant! i just found the image on wikipedia and I'm sharing it here in the hopes that itll brighten your day

i want to curl up in a very specific part of the office for a nap and i want everyone walking through the hallway to hush while they turn that corner

Thinking about defining myself by the things I do, or do not like. Seems like it might slap ass, and will completely fill the void left behind by culture being replaced with pop-culture.

if you had a macro pad what would you put on it

let's say it can do unicode entry

The idea that "if you get personal enjoyment out of doing selfless acts then that means you're selfish" is such a very Anglo Puritan thought despite the fact that most people who say it are edgelords. Why do you have to hate doing acts of kindness to others

dont believe media lies. once again we will see all of these purported "daylight savings" funneled directly to the top. most of us normal folks will actually LOSE daylight

Listen @Gargron I think this is an idea you should consider.

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute