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my version of horrible intrusive thoughts is thinking of jokes like "id like to thank gravity for keeping me grounded". you all have no idea how much of my self i push down

that's me in the corner,
that's me in the spot,light,
movin like a pigeon

"I told you so"
- Petty
- Played out
- The other person will probably never listen to you again tbh

"These violent delights have violent ends"
- Poetically combines judgement and advice
- One of the better Shakespeare lines
- The other person will probably never listen to you again tbh but at least you get to sound ominous

I keep being startled out of dreams or waking reveries with this intrusive image: all-caps, sans-serif HELL in yellow text on a black background. I don't know whether to be concerned, or just relieved that my subconscious has found a means of shocking me out of stupor

fixing the facebook <--> matrix bridge so i can pretend i am leet

Yeah, sure, there's no problem playing "baby it's cold outside" every christmas because "it was a product of its time" but if I go around singing "let's get a few people tied up in trees and sacrifice them to odin this midwinter solstice" which was an incredibly popular song at the time (if a lot more pithy in the original ancient norse) then I get chucked out of lidl

Watch out, that's a load-bearing maladaptive coping mechanism

"picrew icon" having become a phrase of derision makes me so sure that this is my corner of the internet

like, fuck you, mike, not all of us prefer the up-nostril aviators driver's seat glamor shot

i am listening to a russian metal band while i work and understanding 1 / 30 words "only... question.... us..... you see......" and it's a five star programming experience

how to make any isekai good: make the protagonist a girl. its good now. even better if its trans girl wish fulfilment

steam is discontinuing the Controller it seems, so they're fireselling them at $5 a pop.

FOSS drivers in linux already so you don't have to worry about them stopping working next month or whatever.

Boost for your friends to get in on some cool HID devices.

get rid of "idea marketplaces" bring back fairy markets

ended up buying The Go Programming Language (donovan/kernighan) and Concurrency in Go (cox-buday) and I didn't realize how much I missed studying

large media corporations who take down any usage of their media that they don't directly authorize is like that "no take only throw" dog but instead is "no culture, only consume"

in a deep and committed relationship with the ._. face

everyone talks about strongly-held opinions but nobody talks about what happens when your grip is feeble and the opinions just fall out all over the floor

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute