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yea im a centrist i use align: center; on literally everything

might fuck around and argue that people have inherent natures determined by biology and that these natures are neatly sorted into two camps, and you can easily visually tell which of the two camps someone is in by if they have an innie or an outie belly button

also this will improve noise canceling headphones' performance immediately with the speech blocking setting, Where Have You Been All My Life style

(me, not picking up on an implied threat) "*my* days are numbered? buddy, *all* our days are numbered. heard of a calendar before?"

@iliana hell yeah I'm an AWS developer:


@maya i am firmly in the pro-tom nook camp. tom nook is what financial services will be like under socialism

when i'm scared of everything, being scared stops being useful - not because it doesn't mean anything, but because there's so many different useful things my body uses fear to mean and there's no way to tell which one it's signifying


so in my medicated haze i originally thought this was in a plautus joint and looked it up, but on the topic of Moments In Classical Literature That Read Like Modern Shitposts:

a sudden lust for soup

(thanks, aristophanes

recently been feeling annoyed by Effective Altruism - ism but not able to articulate totally why
(well, not ALL of why, anyway)

costco hasn't canceled my second attempt to pay them money to give me a mattress
(they haven't yet anyway)

pulling out william whittaker's words so i can absolutely stunt all over somebody trying to be pithy quoting latin all 'you misinterpreited this bit of lobster man's argument therefore everything you say is wrong because i said it in latin'

that is just an opportunity for me to do a sick skateboard trick as i fly over your head shouting catullus 16

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute