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Goldman's new "free" typeface has a license that prevents you from using it to criticize Goldman Sachs.


millennials vs. gen z update: the kpop stans have gone after qanon and I want there to be no gap between us

Vector fields be like


"Tarski told Jan Mycielski (2006) that when he tried to publish the theorem [that \(|X| = |X\times X|\) for infinite \(X\)] in Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences Paris, Fréchet and Lebesgue refused to present it. Fréchet wrote that an implication between two well known propositions is not a new result. Lebesgue wrote that an implication between two false propositions is of no interest."

Javascript and HTML5 have never, in actual working practice, provided what Flash did to animators and amateur game developers.

So, remember about a month ago when stuff about the Linux Fox Girl went around? Someone reportedly tracked down Alan Mackey, and got his blessing on giving her a name (Xenia), and accidentally confirmed the character to be trans.


guys, i know we’re all about foss #onhere. but u gotta admit that the latest version of Apple News is lookin NICE
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Pronouns are just nouns that you need to pay 4.99 a month for.

it's the smallest dumbest thing but I'm just mad about it because I hate how few women I get to work with

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i dream of the day where at some point we'll all communicate via numbers

and the numbers correspond to an xkcd comic

xkcd will become large enough to convey all possible concepts and emotions, and thus will become a language in and of itself

Before *I* was the one (1) woman on this team for a year and a half, there was a different one (1) woman up until the week before I started

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I am So Chill about "you guys" in general because that's how my women friends and I address each other but LSKDJLDKJLSDKJFDL

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having to Calm Myself Down before responding to a ticket comment beginning "<my team> guys, Could you provide..."

2018: there are belligerent men starting fistfights at demonstrations. they are called Proud Boys because of an Alan Menken song.

2020: armed, loosely confederated libertarians in hawaiian shirts are shooting people in support of a civil war. they are called Boogaloo Boys because of a maligned 80's breakdancing movie sequel.

2022: a white ethno-separatist terror cell has kidnapped the attorney general. they are named the Elite Space Jam Brunch Boyz for reasons absolutely nobody can decipher.

a golden bone, inscribed "to the good boy", tossed into the dog park

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute