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sometimes i wish we could standardize on names for charitable giving. like being able to donate money in honor of "blue state SJW libcucks" to TX relief just so nobody gets it twisted

confession: i enjoy watching the kinds of people who get mad about electron getting mad about electron

dead radio man 

sometimes it really does not whip the llamas ass

I suppose a related question might be: is there anywhere you'd trust to sell used tarot decks

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Yes, it does contain possibly ambiguous characters; but if there's room for multiocular O, Ogham, Byzantine music symbols, and the as-yet undeciphered Phaistos Disc, there's room and reason to put the Voynich manuscript in Unicode.

var b=document.querySelector("body");"filter:saturate(0) contrast(250);";var d=document.createElement("div");`width:100vw;height:100%;opacity:0.35;pointer-events:none;position:absolute;display:block;z-index:999;top:0px;left:0px;background-image:url('');background-repeat:repeat;`;b.appendChild(d);

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if you change the height of the overlay div to 100% and just paste it into the console you can use Dithered Mastodon

what is the most you can spend on a tarot deck without dissolving into a pile of guilt particles

Looking for inclusive, free and open source illustrations for your next project? CocoMaterial can be just what you need 😍

Hand-drawn by Esther Moreno, you can customize and download whole sets of images (svg & png) 🎨

More info:


it doesn't chug to process the video, but it does if the video is playing *and* I try to scroll

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute