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I love OOP. OOP is when you have lots of methods that do nothing but wrap a call to another method. The more layers you have to dig through to figure out what the fuck is going on, the more OOP your code is :)

you know what would help artists more than copyright or harebrained schemes for transforming art pieces into tradable commodities? *bass boosted voice* PUBLIC FUNDING FOR THE ARTS

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what do we think about anonymous political physical pamphlets these days

hypervisor: i am here to look over your machine instructions and make sure you don't do anything stupid

windows 95: ok. i am calling INT 13h now


I hear there's a little island full of podcasters and you can go right up and feed them

in australia, where rabbits are an invasive species that cause awful damage to the native ecosystem, a lot of people celebrate with easter bilbies instead of easter bunnies! the bilby is native to australia and is pretty cute and has just as much business laying eggs as bunnies if you think about it

and yes, you can get chocolate easter bilbies too!

Judge: do you have any reason to have voted 11 times in this election?
Me: I like the stickers

nonbinary girl doesn't mean less girl than binary girl. in my case it's actually more. its like the ingredients on an energy drink. 400% girl. 1600% enby. 380mg gender fluid. boy is not listed as it is unregulated by the fda

observation that is a lot less catty than it sounds at first I promise: if you go on YT for DIY content, a really good signal is seeing someone in the thumbnail who is not Naturally Hot (some unprized facial features, not skinny, etc.) but still Aesthetically Put-Together (some effortful hair, fashion, background, or makeup).

People who say depreciated when discussing software

Neighbor kids' dad has a shirt that says "too poor to shop local." That's a mood

"but maya why didn't you just set the color profile and colorspace" ha HA you are like a little baby, who thinks that commands do what they say

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feels so fucking dumb scrolling through twitter getting pissed off at random shit and suddenly remembering "oh right, this site is designed to make me angry"

friday night i learned that if you are trying to handle grayscale pngs in image magick you need to convert them through bmp before they'll work in a pdf

briefly discussed with boyfriend how one would code up one's own equivalent and it turns out no programming project gets to be fun after you start trying to account for people being jerks

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I wish there were USA-only postcrossing. 1.20 for a postcard adds up super quick in a way .36 doesn't ....

does anyone know what the etiquette is about sending the same postcard design out a whole bunch of times for postcrossing?

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