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Lots of anti-bird posting on my TL today. Need I remind you that

β€’ RAVENS will take pieces of bark and literally WIND-SURF on thermal updrafts in the mountains
β€’ HONEYGUIDES are so named because they will guide humans to beehives containing DELICIOUS HONEY
β€’ GREATER BLACK-BACKED GULLS can swallow a WHOLE RABBIT without chewing

All this (and more) just goes to show that birds are

β€’ cool as hell
β€’ helpful and friendly
β€’ but most importantly, if YOU choose to mess with them, they CAN and WILL fuck you up

So please think twice before you disrespect birds on this federated verse! πŸ™

is there a good software solution to arrange images and text in a custom font on a page layout for print such that I have access to features like "wrap the text around the non-transparent pixels of the image, not just the bounding box" and is it, like, Adobe firstborn-child expensive

it is truly ridiculous that in the service of Protecting The Consumer, you can't install a font on your iPad..... without downloading a third party app that tracks the fuck out of you. good job tim apple

obscenity I suppose 

you know google you have correctly identified the relevant movement as symbolism but I would maybe take another swing at labeling the genre as something other than "christian art"

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obscenity I suppose 

"accidentally, Maya?" I thought he was Jesus

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obscenity I suppose 

guess who accidentally discovered that fedex office will not come over and stop you from making color copies of a satyr with a giant hardon

In all seriousness, as big as Nirvana is they're still not well understood. During their first SNL stint, while the credits rolled, they all made out with each other--which was fairly gutsy to do in the early 90s. They did all kinds of shit like this speaking out on behalf of lgbtq people, and their lyrics are extremely anti-mysogyny and against reactionary politics. Which is why it's so funny to me when I see absolute brohs rocking out to them. I mean the song In Bloom is literally an ironic jab against the gun-toting he-man types.

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yeah I've been getting really into multithreading lately (embroidery)


breadbreadbreadbread fresh bread <3

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