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i'm just warning you now nobody knows how to use a computer

dogs have finite lives 

my beloved sweet fluff who has slept by my side for eight years has kidney disease. they haven't told me how bad it is, so I'm trying not to panic too much yet (she goes back for confirmatory tests in a week) but oh please pet your animals extra nicely

discord is overwhelming. you know that meta newsletter that sends out links that were in many newsletters? I want something that will use my account to see what I can see across a lot of miscellaneous servers and then filter to links (with reacji ranking?)

In February 2021, after over six hundred and seventy years, the shrine is re-re-blessed by the Dean of St. Alban's (recorded and posted on YouTube). In May 2021, the cathedral opens to the public again.

Visitors to the shrine may notice one of the new carvings in the medieval style added by the expert stoneworkers. It is a man wearing a face mask, to commemorate the dark times in which the shrine was restored. Again.

A cathedral spokesman says it "reminds us the history of St Albans stretches forwards as well as backwards".

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In late 1348, the Great Pestilence came to London. Over the next year, it tore across the country with horrifying ferocityβ€”later, it will be estimated, 40–60% of the population died. By late 1349, things are winding down, and the survivors have begun to rebuild their lives.

In the Abbey of St. Alban's, north of London, they have gotten around to repairing the shrine of St. Amphibalus, the (probably apocryphal) saint who is said to have converted St. Alban himself. (It was damaged about thirty years ago by a falling roof beam.) It's given a new place near the shrine of St. Alban, and a bishop comes from Ireland to reconsecrate it. +


the real competitor is the clearance rack at Target. I know this because I moved straight from that rack to H&M when my hometown got one

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hot take: "fast fashion" is a reputational cover, where poorer people can get new clothes cheaply but disguise their need by giving the appearance that they are imitating rich people surfing trends. you can track this by seeing normal people wear those garments for a long time without replacement.

every time someone complains about falling birthrates in post-industrial societies without explaining why they aren't okay with raising immigration (it is never a Nice Reason) or arguing for more social support for parents and especially mothers, i close my eyes and put a hex upon their genes

thinking about how quaint the internet used to be, how a total dishwater-bland loser like Maddox could read a How to HTML book and post something like "scrambled eggs are for children, you fuckstickles" and people would be blown away by how edgy and provocative it was

In other words: any business could conjure a felony out of thin air by making you click through an unreadable garbage-novella of legalese proscribing the use of a service they granted you access to. Violate any of those terms and you face a prison sentence.

This isn't law as we know it, it's Felony Contempt of Business Model, and the most alarming thing was that this interpretation of the CFAA wasn't completely ridiculous, given how badly drafted that law is.


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