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The Mandalorian: I have to use your bathroom

Kalazian Shrimp Farmer: ah, a giant Cregol Bird terrorizes our fields. If you slay it we can show you our bath room

The Mandalorian: .. it's a deal

disorganised religion. i left God at home. jesus is jn my other coat. my tempel is a mess I forgot to do my laundy

If I have one flaw, I think that's pretty good. Most people have way more than that

Shout out to this lion at the art museum trying really really hard not to look like it's blitzed out of it's mind

if Chrissy Teigen truly wants back in on social media, she should join dot social. otherwise, she's just a clout-chaser

please vote for the salute because while melting face is most spiritually Correct (well, plus xray) ironic salutes are one of my favorite modes of communication

sick dog (dying) 

and I'm so lucky to be able to spend my last couple days with her working from bed next to her

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If i were responsible for writing harry potter, the bigotry would go way down but the child endangerment, already very high, would absolutely skyrocket.

will i be using holo gold vinyl to add shiny detailing to steam deck if no such thing is available commercially? obviously

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got the steam deck reservation :) dockable/portable has just worked really nicely for my household so it'll be really cool to be able to do stuff that isn't out for the switch

sick dog (dying) 

We made an appointment with a vet to come on Saturday to put her to sleep. I am so glad I can do this comfortably for her. Tonight and I think maybe tomorrow morning a couple friends are coming to see her. She has lived well-loved

i like anime made for girls and also anime made for men where they leaned so hard on the cute girl aspect they took out all the main dude MCs

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute