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Join* my webring**!!

* Get bricked up in
** Catacomb

women be immanentizing the eschaton am I right fellas

it should be easier to customise ur pc without getting a virus, i mean... we should at least have the choice, right?

maybe today i want a cute cursor WITHOUT having to run an anti-virus scan, maybe tomorrow i want some adorable .ico files AND some bloatware!

i can't move the cute dog has her head on my leg help

programming computers

Sand was never meant to think
this is very cruel to rocks

date idea: staying extremely hydrated and going to visit Ayn Rand's grave at Kensico Cemetery in Westchester County, New York

ordered skeleton kigurumi "to match the dog's halloween costume"

does anyone have an example of emoji design they like that doesn't rely on contrast between skin tone and dark lineart? i'm sure some exists

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emoji should have stayed blobs, and you should have been able to opt between yellow and dark blue for display

hecuba is here!!! she is very quiet and confused but well behaved. she likes attention but we're still learning what makes her nervous. she hasn't yet calmed down enough to eat, but since she's drinking water and we have the exact kibble she'd had at home, we're just gonna let her set her own pace on that

yes a lot of people snarking about "corporate art style" is just misunderstandings of How Capitalism, but I gotta admit I don't trust illustrators with those small-headed figures in their personal portfolios in the year of our lord twenty twenty one

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute