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has anyone written the piece arguing against calling spiritual practices "work"? i want to read it

damn maybe i *should* plan to go live in the woods

we all know Caravaggio was the real 'bad art friend'

"people have always thought B because they believed A and A->B. not A. therefore??? not B???" is a formula I can only describe as dumbass

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like, yes, most secular folks massively underestimate the influence specifically christian lines of thought have on their own thinking. but... buying a Certain Frame of christian thinking about what defines christianity and what prechristian european society was like is *part* of that.

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the trick to extracting meaning from life is starting with a good compression algorithm

if i wished to access a memory location i would simply dereference a pointer to it

BEWARE: As Halloween gets closer, police are warning parents to LOOK at your child’s candy before they eat it. Some houses are reportedly handing out Amber bear amulets of neolithic hunters, 1700-650 BCE, found in Slupsk, Poland

how do i pat myself on the head for not buying stuff like this EVEN THOUGH I COULD AFFORD IT

without self-congratulation i am in danger of weakness

mamas don't let your babies grow up to find emotional succor in platitudes from internet strangers

Doughnut Workers United wins ruling from NLRB that Voodoo Doughnut illegally fired workers who struck during the extreme heatwave in #PDX in late June 2021.

#union #food

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Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute

The Conventicle of the Lesser Occult Institute