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I wish people would stop resorting to formulations like "own the data from what you do online" that sound simple but really aren't

if every network request were to pop up an animation of a note that says "Hello please send me XYZ resource" being folded into little envelope going from your computer, with all identifying information, to the remote server being queried -- maybe *then* people would start to get a sense of how what they perceive as wandering around a public space ends up creating such a paper trail

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some spammer figured out my name is Mohamad and has been sending me emails to purchase these weird walmart-syle, custom-made, auto-generated t-shirts with my name on them

poetry is when
you add line

and the more lines you
the more
it is

i would die for the disqus commenters on the pirated manhwa sites

@maya and so much "hypocrisy" turns out to be nothing more than just the enemy failing to live up to their own ideals

which is what we'd expect of literally anyone with ideals worth living up to

also, hypocrisy is as big of a gotcha as it is because you don't have to engage with someone's moral arguments at all -- you can just find a contradiction and avoid having to sketch out your own position.

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"people who support X are bad because they're hypocritical" is a terrible argument. you are doing the work to shift the Overton window *for* them -- now the next X supporter who isn't a hypocrite looks thoughtful/reasonable

maybe dumb q: do other SSGs have little plugins like ? i couldn't find equivalent for hugo

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