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coquis, i love you, why will you only sing to me and not let me find you

i just think that the NLRB should have an enforcement unit. like the reverse pinkertons. and they should be armed

my internet friend is selling an ergodox ez. i have one (bought new) that i really like and would recommend. as of now it is a Very Good Deal

Thinking about tommy tucker, the celebrity squirrel from the 1940s who loved to wear dresses

we're all here hanging out on a byproduct of the American defense industrial complex and I just think some people need to factor that a little more heavily into how holy they want to try to act

@cadxdr Today I learned CW is the ISO 3166-2 code for Curaçao.

> In a First, Microplastics Are Found in Fresh Antarctic Snow

just make one big article and add another line when you find microplastics in something, this is getting out of hand

soon, we'll find micropastics in articles about finding micropastics


for the rest of my life I'm going to be condescending about this food experience and I'm sorry in advance to everyone

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this restaurant is so good I want to leave it a review to help it but the most meaningful place would be TripAdvisor and I can't justify inflicting TripAdvisor clientele on any business

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mofongo isn't NOT a religious experience

Okay so at least one of these stories has got to be good right

one of those "oh fuck, having money does in fact throw you into another creature's umwelt" things 

flying with decent active noise-canceling headphones is much less stressful. even if you think you're not bothered by the engine sound, your body is happier with less of it

Somebody gave our Android app a 1-star review on the Play Store because "there is LGBT" [sic]

side benefit of user CSS: no one in this airport can flag me at a distance as visiting the Hateful Orange Site

idea: pixelfed or other insta-like with no boost/reblog feature for normal accounts, but a separate account type that can *only* boost/reblog, and that would then be easy to follow back to the original profile. not sure how to motivate that curation but i hate the "download and repost" accounts on insta even when i use them to find new illustrators to follow

*a JSON-LD context appears suddenly on one palm and an XML DTD on the other* behold the almighty schemata

if your email doesn't have links to more detail in it, someone's time is being wasted. yours for rewriting details that might be recorded somewhere else. someone else's later when they need a detailed writeup and don't know about this non-public one. mine for having to go search for the canonical paper trail if you haven't included enough detail. everyone's if you're presenting nonsense straight off the dome as if it were a technical summary.

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