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look i don't get an opinion here because i'm not putting in the effort, and it's not so applicable when asking for Veggie Patties... but there's a sketchy amount of "oh i don't do fake meat, vegetarianism is really about eating more things like <dish with much more demanding storage / prep / cleanup requirements>" out there

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Google's AI search features are handy a lot of times, but this is a good reminder of why not to trust a neural net to parse info for you. Here Google claims only 6,142 humans were alive in 22AD, a figure that immediately seems impossibly low. Looking at the table it's pulling info from, we can see the AI is making 2 major errors here--first, it's pulling a figure from 2000AD, not "2000 years ago"--second, it's missed the column label that indicates this is 6,142 millions of humans, or 6.1B.

folklore seems wild proportionately to how early the folklorists got going collecting it

words i did not expect to see together 

"Emergency Land Application of Milk"

at least at the place in washington i was looking at it will tell you what the Pygmy Rabbit Habitat Suitability of a particular spot is (it was low) (I knew it was going to be low but I still felt a tiny bit bummed)

"Barneston soils occur on kames, eskers, and moraines"

*fantasy author scribbles furiously*

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look up your local soil type!! the names are so cool-sounding: tokul, barneston, cathcart, pastik

the disease where you focus in on any sequence of four trochees to hum the teenage mutant ninja turtles theme in your head this is so cool! you can look up all the little creeks and rivers and see what they're doing well on or struggling with

i can't be the only one who keeps confusing william gibson and neal stephenson despite the fact i really like one and, uh, not the other

To do lists, carried to their logical conclusion, is me writing a novel about a version of myself who does what he's supposed to

Thinking about some ADHD crap today, specifically around abruptly shifting interests and how that intersects with community.

As in, there are communities for every one of my special interests. People make friends in those communities. But that only tends to happen for people who stick around consistently and become recognized as regulars. That's just how human socializing works.

For me, though, interest is inconsistent. It's rarely sustained long enough for me to show up as a regular anywhere.

It's recurrent, though, as I rotate through interests: For example, I tinker with electronics and retro computers every few months. Then I'll abruptly switch to writing or music or woodworking or a single video game for weeks at a time. Then, I switch again.

So, I tend to repeatedly (re)appear as a stranger in communities around my interests. And don't make many friends. That's an annoying thing for which I've never found a solution.

** I was born in **
*** I've got a ***
** on decentralized **
*** and I'm here to ***

an angle on Why Game Of Thrones' Depictions Of Sexual Assault Can't Hide Behind "Historical Accuracy" that was new to me:

my friend messaged a group chat like "hey can you guys mail me little drawings? i want to put a bunch of little things on a wall in my new place. just strange little drawings, weird stuff" and i have never jumped on an assignment so fast

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