Trying to keep a high energy dog calm after surgery is such a demoralizing task.

Yeah loki I get it you want to do shit. I want you to not tear stitches in your stomach.

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if you've needed a survey piece on the realities of being fat to give somebody in your life, this one is way better than I expected it to be

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One thing tech companies could do to help people seeking abortions is to delete fake abortion "counseling" clinics from search results. It would probably ruin them.

You know. If they wanted to

I'm getting the distinct impression that I've found a new nemesis in Fusion 360.

First thing I've printed that isn't another part or accessory for my printer; a self-watering planter

I needed a 3D printer so I can print parts for my 3D printer, and things to hold the tools and accessories for my 3D printer.

Octoprint is one of those utilities that feels super futuristic. Being able to start and monitor my prints remotely is already hugely useful. Love it.

3D printer shows up at 3:30 pm.

Work obliges by keeping me entangled in oncall stuff from 3:45-10:00 pm.


Today's learning: a 24"x24" concrete paving slab weighs..... a lot

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"a deal with the devil" is prejudiced against devils and demons

please use the more respectful phrase "accepting VC funding"

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ACAB. Prison Pigs shoving Covid positive people into rooms with people who aren't sick, refusing to test people, lying to the public, and subjecting people to horrifying quarantine measures when they bother to quarantine people at all.

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So if you ever wondered whether those Bored Ape NFTs were racist or started by neo-Nazis, wonder no more. (The answer is "yes".)

Bored Ape Club is Racist and Started by Neo-Nazis:

Wordle 213 X/6


Damn, RIP 19 streak

Wordle 211 2/6


Hell yeah!

Wordle 210 3/6


Best result yet!

Wordle 208 4/6


That fourth guess was only expected to give me information!

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ever think about how gamma radiation is literally just an extremely fucked up colour that kills you

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