@maya My profile picture results in considerable nightmare fuel but still this is an amazing technique!

@maya oh no! This woman appears to be dithering! Someone help her!!

@cinebox ack! it should be possible to fix up somehow, I'm the least confident about the simplest parts of it (positioning)



talks about using dither to send smaller images for conservation's sake, but the site really is solar powered and the battery's drained.


Is there an energy efficient CDN a solar powered site could use?

@emma @maya hey I'm one of the designers of solar ltm.

The server went offline yesterday indeed but we maintained the URL structure between the solar version of the site and the regular one. Just remove the 'solar' from the URL:


@emma @maya oh wow it literally came back online 5 minutes ago!

@maya@occult.institute you talk about nostalgia for kid pix in a linked article. have you heard of electric zine maker by nathalie lawhead? it's got similar vibes, you might enjoy it!

@gaeel it is incredibly, incredibly cool looking, and is one of the rare things provoking regret that my personal computer is a Chromebook 😅

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